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Why should I consider Masonry?

Recent surveys have shown that Fraternities that were formerly hotbeds of activity have since languished.  Some point to the introduction of technology, spanning back to the household television, detracted men from seeking connectedness outside the home.  Others say that modern schedules and demands on a man's time, wallet, and mind leave little left for membership.  Finally, there are those who claim a systemic loss of religiosity in society is to blame.  These are each symptoms of systemic shifts in priorities caused by new influences in our lives.  Nonetheless, Masonry still survives.

Masonry is an enduring bastion for moral enrichment, lasting fellowship, and unmatched aspiration for something greater.  

It introduces every man to a structured experience of learning and growing that resonates with the patterns of life grounded in nature and reason.   But still... why should a "good man" consider joining such a lofty sounding organization?  


Here are nine reasons Masonry could be the solution to your search for excellence:

  1. Freemasonry sets the geometric science of morality as the foundation of living a good life: individually, with your family, at work, and in your community.

  2. Our peculiar exclusiveness is driven by some fundamental requirement: maintaining a clean reputation before and during membership.

  3. Masonry serves as a premier equalizer of men, spanning careers, religions, incomes, racial backgrounds, and interests.

  4. Membership provides immediate expansion of your network of reliable friends, especially great for men new to an area or circumstance.

  5. Involvement is driven by individual interests and goals: you can support or lead an existing program/activity, or endeavor to start something new.

  6. Through your Masonic development, you will continually uncover the true treasure of all mankind: the integrity within and among Brothers.

  7. Masonic education will expose you to ageless wisdom derived from centuries of philosophical study, reflection, and tradition.

  8. Through mutual recognition of other Brothers, awkward or unfamiliar travels turn into friendly encounters across the country and around the globe.

  9. Simply, nothing else has been able to answer your own definition of purpose in life.

Now, how can the APG Masonic Club help you specifically? As a prospective Candidate?

First, let's get connected!

The Club has a private Facebook group where we communicate and learn about different happenings in the area.  We also have an email distribution for those who do not use Facebook. In either case, we want to ensure you know what is on deck for the Club so you do not miss out!

  • Click HERE to join our Facebook group, open to Brothers and those interested

  • Click HERE to send us an email to express your interest and present any questions

Hear current Brothers' experiences

We host regular meetings where current Brothers and aspiring Candidates can exchange stories and shape the proper course for a man who is interested in becoming a Brother.  Masonic membership is a truly unique journey for each man, though we do share similar motivations, experiences, and outlooks.  The APG Masonic Club will give you a forum to answer your questions and uncertainties before electing to petition for membership.

Why have I never been asked to join?

The old adage for Masonry has been "to be one, ask one," or as you may see on websites and bumper stickers: 2B1ASK1.  While this may be an catchy tag line, it is the key to your next step.  Masons do not recruit or solicit men to join our Fraternity – it's strictly forbidden, actually.  A man must pursue Masonic membership by his own free will and accord, typically achieved through the request, completion, and submission of a petition to a Lodge.  The Club will help align you to Lodges in the area that coincide with your interests, schedule, and residence.  We can also make those first introductions so that your initial steps toward membership are guided by a reliable friend familiar with the process.

But I'm ready to join right now!

Nothing stops you from proceeding on your own, but we recommend starting with some conversations with well-informed Brethren so you can better understand what lays ahead.  Across Harford and Cecil Counties, there are 7 Blue Lodges affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Maryland (GLMD) and 3 affiliated with the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland (MWPHGLMD).  You are welcome to pursue membership as a general referral, though we hope you put the Club to work as your guide in making this important decision.  

Joining the Fraternity through a personal

connection usually yields the best experience,

especially as you begin this lifelong journey.

What should I expect?


Masonry is a purposeful study of how men can better themselves through fellowship, education, and introspection.  While it is not a religion, it is meant to be a complement to a man's own growth and understanding of the world around him, as well as his deeper relationship with his Creator.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you move forward:

  • While a mentor and other Brothers will gladly work with you to ensure your advancement through our Degrees is successful and enriching, your progress is regulated by your own efforts.

  • You will need to memorize several aspects of our lessons, experiences, and symbolism associated with our Masonic Degrees – and recite these in front of your Brothers.  This requires regular practice, supported by an Instructor.

  • Your membership is best experienced through active participation in your Lodge and among your Brethren, even as you make those initial steps.  Be sure to set time aside to tend to building these Masonic relationships, by attending meetings, socials, or virtual gatherings.

  • Masonry is secondary to your vocation and familial duties, and is meant to augment your personal and spiritual motivations – achieving balance is important.

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