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The oldest fraternity, yet still current

Although Freemasonry has been formally organized since the early 1700s in Europe, its roots trace back much further, to the ancient guilds of operative masons. These men dispersed across regions and continents to build magnificent cathedrals, castles, cities, and villages. They were highly skilled, and were therefore well-respected for their abilities in turning stone and other natural materials into enduring works of art: forging the very foundations of society. Freemasons follow in these craftsmen's footsteps, using their familiar tools to build good men into great leaders, mentors, and friends.

Today, despite the many advances in technology and evolutions of societal norms, men face similar life experiences as our forefathers. We still honor that a higher power breathes life into us, motivates us, and unites us into one human family. We still endeavor to be supportive husbands, proud fathers, dedicated colleagues, and loyal friends.  Finally, we still strive for greatness in all we do, though we are keenly aware of when we fall short of the mark.

Freemasonry provides the modern man a refuge where he can reflect on his life's journey, celebrating his accomplishments while examining his challenges. It equips him with emblematic tools enriched by moral lessons to remind him of those essential "best practices" in life to help him become the best version of himself. It associates him with other men of similar mind through unusually strong friendships built on trust and respect. And, it inspires him to go above and beyond his current capabilities in his pursuit of his own greatness.

If you're already a Mason, you are already well acquainted with the unique experience which your membership has added to your life.  You know how to wear your Apron, how to use your Working Tools, and the other rich symbolism of Craft Masonry.  The APG Masonic Club will enable you to meet other Masons at Aberdeen Proving Ground, reconnect with local Lodges (GLMD and MWPHGLMD) if you are not current, and strengthen your Masonic practice.

> CLICK HERE to learn more about what the club offers current Masons

If you're interested in becoming a Mason, there is much to learn and absorb. We've all been in your shoes, outside the door wondering what awaits inside this place, this fraternity, this calling – all known simply as Freemasonry. We can promise you these things:

  • There are definitely no goats or sacrifices, taboo rituals, caches of golden treasure, or international government conspiracies, but

  • There are certainly many new friends, memorable ceremonies, indelible life lessons, and impactful projects for outreach, enrichment, and fellowship.

> CLICK HERE to learn more about what the Club offers men interested in what it takes to become a Mason

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