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Real men wear aprons... everywhere

If you're not a Mason, that's okay... you just may not get as much value from this page just yet.

The APG Masonic Club provides a unique value to men who have already become a part of something bigger than themselves.  This Club serves as a forum for Masons seeking opportunities to strengthen their careers, both operative and speculative, by connecting with other Masons across Aberdeen Proving Ground and the communities which support this critical military installation.  While your home Lodge is the truly best way to hone your Masonic skills as you journey toward personal and spiritual excellence, the Club aims to address your professional growth through networking, enrichment, and outreach.

In your travels at APG, you will likely encounter other Masons. Some were initiated while serving our Nation, either at home or abroad. Some followed their family's heritage by joining their father's, grandfather's, or uncle's Lodge. Others joined to answer a calling they felt within them that wasn't motivated by their friends or family – rather, just a inexplicable drive to become a better version of themselves. In every case, each man endures the same initiatic experience, made the same Obligations, and still aspire to same level of excellence framed by the Fraternity's allegorical lessons.

Now, how can the APG Masonic Club help you specifically? As a Mason?

First, let's get connected!

The Club has a private Facebook group where we communicate and learn about different happenings in the area.  We also have an email distribution for those who do not use Facebook. In either case, we want to ensure you know what is on deck for the Club so you do not miss out!

  • Click HERE to join our Facebook group

  • Click HERE to send us an email

Do you need to find a new home Lodge?

Across Harford and Cecil Counties, there are 7 Blue Lodges affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Maryland (GLMD) and 3 affiliated with the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland (MWPHGLMD).  Our Club is supported by both Grand Lodge jurisdictions, and we can help connect you to a Lodge which best suits your personal schedule, interests, and residence. If you have lost complete contact with your home Lodge (especially in cases where military or small town Lodges have closed), we can refer you to Brothers and Grand Lodge points of contact to get your documentation and dues squared up.  (NOTE: GLMD and MWPHGLMD have mutual recognition, allowing current dues card-carrying members to easily visit and associate without dispensation.)

Are you looking for new employment?

Masons tend to be some of the most dedicated, selfless, and mission-focused men on any team. With a shared experience and mindset, Masons come together as bees in a hive – working in unison to achieve a collective outcome. APG is home to a number of tenant organizations for the United State Army: ATEC and the Aberdeen Test Center, PEO C3T, PEO IEWS, CECOM, and DEVCOM – along with countless support organizations to take care of the soldiers, civilian, uniformed, and contractor workforce, and veteran families on/off Post. Through the Club, you can meet Masons from across the Aberdeen and Edgewood areas to learn about prospective job options for your next career move.

Perhaps you're simply seeking more ____________?


Many men become Masons to improve themselves in some way.  Freemasonry enables every Member to calibrate their moral compass by instilling foundational principles in their mind.  This manifests in the form of solemn ritual, fraternal fellowship, selfless charity, and faithful piety. Through the APG Masonic Club, you will meet other Masons seeking that same "further Light" – and it is the Club's aim to provide such a resource in a career-focused way. Being an upstanding Mason at work can be challenging amid complex projects, shifting team structures, tight budgets and schedules, and unanticipated mission priorities. The Masons who form this Club serve as your union of men with whom you can consult, collaborate, and conquer such challenges through the application of Masonic lessons and experience.

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