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It's time to knock on the door to your future as a Mason

Congratulations on taking your first step toward becoming a Mason!  You have reached this page through the recommendation of a connection you made during a Club meeting or another encounter with a Club Brother.  Where you go from here is a personal decision, but one we will be happy to support you through various resources and guidelines.

Do you prefer GLMD or MWPHGLMD?

Traditionally, these two jurisdictions have been separate by historical forces – but your petition is welcome at either in today's time.  The Grand Lodge of Maryland, AF&AM, and Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland each provide similar experiences throughout the first three degrees of Craft Masonry.  Both take their ritual work seriously.  Both endeavor to provide a meaningful experience for new Brothers, and offer a broad set of resources for continuing your Masonic journey beyond your degree work.

After I petition, what happens?

GLMD and MWPHGLMD processes are very similar in that:

  • Your petition will be reviewed and read before the Lodge so that all Members can hear your name, address, occupation, profile, and sponsors

  • An investigation committee will be assigned to meet with you, a memorable event where you (and your spouse and family) can also talk with Brothers from the Lodge – these are typically held at your home

  • The Grand Lodge will review your petition (along with a criminal background check) and report to the Lodge their findings

  • All of this information is reviewed again before the Lodge, followed by a secret ballot on whether you can join

  • If your petition is unanimously accepted but the Lodge Members, you will be informed of when to return to the Lodge to begin your degree work

Remember, becoming a Mason is meant to be a carefully considered decision – by you and by those who already belong.  Not all men succeed in their pursuit of a Masonic career, and those who do soon realize it is a lifelong journey intended not to be rushed.  Each step requires time, education, and review.

It only takes one vote to prevent admission

Masons take several elements of our membership very seriously, and determining whether a man fits the Masonic mold is particularly important. If even one Member disagrees with your potential membership, his vote can cause you to need to petition an alternate Lodge or suspend your pursuit altogether.  In this is a powerful lesson: never burn bridges, and always repair the ones you may, if ever, damage.

At the Threshold

Sooner or later, if you are elected to receive the first three degrees of Craft Masonry, you will find yourself at a closed door.  Beyond this door lays your Masonic journey, one that will be superbly tailored to your own perspective and position in life.  No other man will have the exact same experience with or reaction to the lessons embedded in Masonic ritual.  Just know that you are never alone, as there is always a Brother alongside you to help you throughout.

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